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Poker download collection @ Online-Poker.com
Welcome to our poker download section. Here we feature a number of different digital poker download selections, for a number of different platforms. Everything from Windows to Mac to Palm is covered here, so you're sure to find a download that suits your needs. All downloads are for Windows unless otherwise specified. Selections are presented in alphabetical order. If you're interested in online gambling, there's plenty of that here too!

Carolina Poker
Version 1.1 Shareware 2.2MB
Here is a collection of four different video poker games to test your luck. On the demo you are able to have unlimited play of one of the games with no gaudy registration warnings. This is a great game for practice or just fun. Games included: deuces wild, jacks or better, joker wild, treasure trips.

Five Card Drop
Version 1.0 Shareware 3.4MB
Tetris is probably the most popular game of all time. Whether in Game Boy,
arcade, or computer form, people everywhere have tried to beat the speed of
the falling blocks. Five Card Drop takes the falling blocks aspect of Tetris and adds a little five card stud flair. You must make good poker hands while the cards come down like falling bricks. Good hands, created horizontally or vertically, will cause the cards to disappear. When you clear the deck, you will be awarded points that will carry on to the next round. Five Card Drop is an interesting twist to the classic Tetris. I already have
spent too much time on playing it so now I pass it on to you.

Omaha Poker
Version 1.0 Beta 1 Shareware 40.6K
As you know from reading up on online-poker.com, Omaha is a Poker game. The rules for Omaha are similar to Texas Hold'em Poker. Each player gets four cards placed face-down. The dealer then distributes five face-up "community" cards. Players combine both "players'" cards and "community" cards to create the best possible five-card hand.

Note: If you register Texas Hold'em Poker, you can play both Yo's Texas
Hold'em and Yo's Omaha Poker.

Pocket Pai Gow
Version 1.3 Shareware 24.4K Cost: $9.95
Platform: Palm OS
This is a version of Pai-Gow casino poker. You can place bets and play just like you would in a casino. The object is to beat the high and low hands of the dealer. You will be given seven cards that you must then split into two hands. The two lowest cards make one hand, and the five highest cards comprise the other. If you are familiar with poker, this game won't be a huge challenge. To select cards, just tap on them. The dealer will make comments throughout the game, and the graphics are crisp and smooth.

If you feel lost, check the tips in the menu bar. This is a great way to learn Pai-Gow Poker.

Paradise Poker
Version unknown Size 3.6 MB
A popular online destination, this poker game offers free and real play. The minimum system requirements needed for the software download and to access the poker games online are:
* Windows 95a, Windows 98, Windows NT 4 , or Windows 2000
* 100MHz Pentium or faster CPU with at least 32MB of RAM
* Minimum screen resolution (desktop area) of at least 800 by 600 pixels with
* 256 colors (16-bit "High Color" mode or greater is highly recommended)
At least 6MB of free disk space

Pocket Poker 1.1
Version 1.1 Shareware 99.3K Cost: $12.00
Platform: Palm OS
Play five-card draw poker against your portable palm device. This update now stores prior totals and user preferences in a database between sessions.

Poker Dice
Version 1.0 Shareware 2.5 MB Cost: $19.99
Platform: Mac OS
Poker Dice combines the strategy of poker with the luck-of-the-roll in
Yahtzee to provide an entertaining way to pass time. Variations in the game
include: Standard, Down the Line, Wild Cards and Lots of Zingers. If you get
a really high score, Madame Murghi, the fortuneteller, appears to tell your

Poker Game
Version 1.2 Shareware 8.4MB Cost: $19.95
Platform: Mac OS
Play five-card stud, video poker and acey-deucey. Raise, call, fold or try to
bluff your way to riches as the dealer entertains you with her wicked wit.
This program has easy-to-follow game-play, tutoring assistance and built in

Poker for Palm
Version 1.03 Shareware 51.7K Cost: $15.00
Platform: Plam OS9
If you like to play cards, you'll be happy to hear that Stand Alone just released Poker for Palm! There are four different games for you to play. Including Five Card Draw, Five Card Stud, Seven Card Stud, and Texas Hold 'em. You can even customize these games by using the options tool in the menu bar.

Poker Patience Pack
Version 1.00 Shareware 878KB Cost: $15.00
Poker Patience Pack is a collection of solitaire (patience) games based on a poker theme. It runs on Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT. The games include both traditional games and games that are new and unique, designed especially for this collection. The games included in Poker Patience Pack are include Poker Squares, Elimination, Poker Puzzle and Poker Columns. Features statistics for each game, including number of games played, average score, and best score.

PV Poker
Version 1.2 Shareware 11.3K
Platform: Plam OS
This is your basic Video Poker game for the handheld.

Quick-Draw Western Video Poker
Version unknown Shareware 4.8MB Cost: $15.00
Platform: Mac OS
Quick Draw Poker is the first game in a series of unique theme-based casino games developed by CVI. All of the games in this series include original graphics and sound effects. In Quick Draw Poker you play classic casino Jacks or Better video poker, but with an old Western flavor. You'll start with a $1000 bankroll and an itchy trigger finger - get a winning hand and you'll hear a six-shooter fired off in celebration.

Note: This game requires Mac OS (iMac or Power Mac) with System 7.5 or higher, 256 colors, 640x480 monitor and 6MB free RAM. The authors recommend a Mac OS (iMac or Power Mac) with System 7.5 or higher, Thousands of colors, 800x600 monitor and 6MB free RAM.

Texas Hold'em Poker
Version 1.3 Shareware 41.0K Cost: $15.00
This Texas Hold'em Poker game lets you play Poker with eight computer players. It has call, raise and fold features. Texas Hold'em also features both tournament and "live" gaming action.

Version unknown
Includes Texas Hold'em and Omaha poker. Networked play with real people, for real money. 3D avatars (personal animations), real-time chat with everyone around the table,
sound effects and voices.

Ultimate Poker
Version 3.32 Shareware 136.0K
Platform: Psion
Ultimate Poker is a card game that you play against three computer players. It plays like a real poker game with raises, passes, and calls.

Video Poker 2000
Shareware 484.4K
Another PC based video poker series.

Video Poker Teacher
Version 1.0 Shareware 30.6K Cost: $14.95

This can help you to learn the basics of poker. The application gives advice on tricky, borderline hands. It can also be left to monitor your play and interject where necessary with helpful hints and tips. This is a great educational game.